kettlecoveportHolistic Primary Care for People of All Ages

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100 Brickhill Avenue, Suite 304
South Portland, ME 04106
Tel: 207.761.4700
Fax: 207.761.4744

Deirdre is listed as a primary care provider (PCP) with most major insurance companies.


  • Preventative care and physical exams for people of all ages
  • Evaluation and treatment of chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, headaches, depression and anxiety
  • Evaluation and treatment of acute conditions such as musculoskeletal injuries, respiratory and urinary tract infections
  • Evaluation and  treatment for menopause-related symptoms, menstrual irregularities and infertility
  • Prescribing medications
  • Ordering lab testing and diagnostic imaging including Pap smears, blood-work, mammograms and colonoscopies
  • Immunization counseling and administration
  • Smoking cessation counseling and treatment
  • Home visits as needed
  • Referrals to other providers/specialists as needed